2017 LORRF “HOPE” Tour’s National Press Release


2017 LORRF “HOPE” Tour’s National Press Release: January 1st, 2017


The 2017 LORRF Tour’s theme is ”HOPE”, and is all about


El tema de LORRF 2017 es “Esperanza” y su objetivo es comunicar



-The Tour’s focus is to provide “Food For The Hungry And Help For The Homeless” by bringing Reggae and World Beat artist´s performances to diverse crowds that enjoy conscious music of Unity, with others that share “HOPE”, while they become inspired to go out and spread the message of love, unity and the desire to help anyone in need. Our goal is to bring more awareness to these social issues- said Sirron Kyles, Executive Producer.

-El enfoque del Tour es proveer “Comida para los Hambrientos y Ayuda para los que no tienen Hogar” al llevar presentaciones de artistas de Reggae y World Beat Music a fans que disfrutan esta música cuyo objetivo es promover el amor y la unidad.- dijo Sirron Kyles, Productor Ejecutivo


The “HOPE” of the producers, is to use the Festival’s platform as a tool to try and bridge gaps of divisiveness in America and influence others around the world to do the same in inspiring movements of “HOPE” with the end game in mind: LOVE=UNITY.


The diversity of America is a reflection of the diversity of the participants of the Festival and their love for Reggae and World Beat music, with its constant message of “HOPE”, helping the underprivileged, and providing “Food for the Hungry and Help for the Homeless”; this is just who they are. Los fans de esta música aman ayudar a los demás, es lo que los define. The 2017 “HOPE” Logo was design by Sirron12.com


The tradition of asking the public for cans and bags of non-perishable foods as admission has always been a part of The Legends Of Rasta Reggae Festival, formally the Bob Marley Festival Tour (LORRF).This tradition has generated approximately $2,000,000 in cash and well over two million pounds of food, school supplies, boo
ks and other donations for nonprofit organizations throughout the US.


-Nuestra “Esperanza” es que gracias a nuestra Campaña en Kickstarter, alcancemos nuestro objetivo de $165,000 USD en 2017- dijo Sirron.

– Our “HOPE” is that we are able to reach our Kickstarter funding goal of $165,000 in 2017, enabling us to take the LORRF to at least two to three cities. This “HOPE” gives us meaning and fills us with optimism; we believe it will happen. – said Sirron. Texas and California are the two states producers have selected for the 2017 Festival along with a third state, which will be chosen based on a social media poll. Texas y California serán los dos estados en los que se presentará el Festival. El tercero se decidirá por medio de una encuesta en redes sociales.

The campaign allows fans, vendors, and sponsors to have access to Reserved Tickets, All Access Passes, Early Bird Vendor Discount, First Pick Vouchers and Sponsor Award packages. This inclusiveness is about people having a say in producing, artist selection and at least one place where the Festival is held; the end game for us is the “HOPE” that your opinion is validated ad truly does provide “HOPE” around the world.


-Each year performers are invited to partner with the Festival and this always includes invitations to possible Legend Honorees. Selected regionally popular reggae and world beat acts are also chosen from a worldwide performer pool available to producers to complete the lineup, with special preferences give to Women, and featuring a collection of talented ladies performing as the “Good Karma Devas”-says Sirron Kyles, Executive Producer. Listen to a sample of some of the acts that will be performing on the CD “Reggae World 2, Producer’s Picks”    Escucha una muestra de lo que podrás disfrutar en el Festival.


Normal Dates/Times: SAT. & SUN. Start Noon * End-11:00 PM * SUN END 10:00 PM: Locations: TBA

Benefiting Local Organization: That Provides “Food For The Hungry And Help For The Homeless”

Admission: Tickets On Sale TBA

Day Of Show Donation Admission: Noon To 2:00 PM To 4:00 PM Cash Donation TBA Or Family Size Bag of Non-perishable Food. Donación en efectivo o Bolsa tamaño familiar de Alimentos No perecederos.

The Legends Of Rasta Reggae Festival, formally the Bob Marley Festival Tour, (LORRF)produced Worldwide by MasterMindsManagementGroup.org


Off Stage Activities

One of the long-standing and very popular activities of the Festival is the Drum Circle,  where fans are invited to bring their drums and participate with other drummers and music from the Drum Stage. Participa en el Círculo de Tambores con otros artistas.




Tattoo Village (Some Markets) A new attraction to the Festival, with US Top Tattoo artists creating Ink Art in safe and sterile environments offering permanent, temporary or Henna tattoos. Also, sponsored Tattoo removal shops will be set up to provide Ink removal and make future office-removal appointments. Nueva atracción del festival.


Food Court & Arts & Crafts Market = Diversity is never more prominent than with the vendors that are selected to be with us on the Tour. Many fans plan on attending the event each year because of the selection of quality eatables served: from island favorites to the best of traditional and popular festival home-style goodies, with something for everyone´s delight at the Festival’s Food Court. Fans that have attended LORRF understand this, as the event draws shoppers and fans from in and outside America. Disfruta deliciosos alimentos que muestran la diversidad de nuestros vendedores y asistentes


The unique gifts and items sold by the Arts & Crafts Market’s vendors, who are selected because of the products they sell, will definitely appeal to fans of the event. A core group of vendors selected will travel from city to city with the Tour. Click To Register For Vendor Space

Sirron Kyles Executive Producer

The Legends Of Rasta Reggae Festival, formally the Bob Marley Festival Tour, (LORRF) is always about “HOPE”, Love, Unity and messages from Bob Marley’s songs.

Produced Worldwide by MaterMindsManagementGroup.org

PO Box 8305

Houston, Texas 77288


713-866-4006 Press 2







Sponsorship Kits Now Available


If you are a company looking to Jaming in Corpus Christi 1994

target a niche market and would like to be a part of the “HOPE” Festival, you need to head over to our sponsorship areacomplete the form and download this year’s sponsorship kit.  Someone from the “HOPE” Festival Tour will give you a call and discuss how you can been seen!

We thank you for your consideration in reference to Sponsoring ”HOPE” Festival Tour, produced by LORRF (Legends of Rasta Reggae Festival, formally the Bob Marley Festival Tour).

Sponsors have played a crucial role in the success of the Festival Tour through the years. With that support and additional aide, the event has been able to generate generous donations for the involved 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations; It’s really a Win-Win for all involved. With your help and support we hope to increase the donations in the upcoming festival by 25%. The Festival’s mission statement’s main focus is to benefit services and organizations that provide, “Food for the Hungry and Housing for the Homeless”.

Budweiser Sponsor

Budweiser Sponsor

Miller Sponsoring Grorge R Brown Plaza Park 1990

In 1991 the Festival introduced the now very popular tradition of asking the public for bags of nonperishable foods as admission or five or ten dollar donation during the first hours of the Festival, benefiting participating nonprofits. Over the last 25 years, this tradition has generated approximately $2,000,000 in cash and well over two million pounds of food, school supplies and books for nonprofit organizations throughout the US. Past Festivals and the upcoming festival’s mission statement’s main focus is to benefit services and organizations that provide, “Food for the Hungry and Housing for the Homeless”


We are sure your company can benefit from sponsoring the Festival. The media exposure, corporate image enhancement, banner signs, networking and other public relations values attributed to being involved with this popular community orientated event, not to mention a variety of other tie- marketing opportunities.

Be sure to contact us at promotions@legendsofrastareggaefestival.com, http://info@legendsofrastareggaefestival.com to request a Sponsorship Kit which highlights demographics and other important information.

Request Guidelines: We except sponsorship Kit request by E-mail only and must be sent from your company e-mail accounts, we do not except personal e-mail accounts request, example, Jay@resourseit.org-GOOD, Headwear@gmail.com-BAD, we will forward sponsorship Kit after considering and approving your request; in some cases we may require additional information please be sure to include why company is considering sponsoring the Festival in your request.

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the LORRF’s (formally the Bob Marley Festival Tour) “Good Karma “Tour and we look forward to your involvement.


Sirron Kyles
Executive Producer, LORRF
(Formally the Bob Marley Festival Tour)



Attention all vendors!

Vendors Making Money in South Pardre 1998Vendors 16Victor Tour Vendor 1990-2010Dallas Promoter & Vendor 1996-1997

Now is the time to register and gain access to our vendor contract.
We are looking forward to great acts and large capacity crowds and would love to see you there so get started now and register today!

“HOPE” Tour Performer Submission Info

Performer Submission Information For The 2017 LORRF Tour


(Special Note) The 2017 Festival’s theme is ”HOPE” The Tour is a Artist Promotional Marketing Tour highlighting Legends Honorees, selected regionally popular reggae and world beat acts who are also chosen from a worldwide performer pool available to producers to complete the lineup, with special preferences give to Women and features a collection of talented ladies performing as the “Good Karma Devas” says Sirron Kyles, Executive Producer. Past Performers


Acts interested performing at any LORRF Festival, planned for Summer 2017 please submit a 500 word introduction and 2 known cover songs (mp3 files) by e-mail to sirron@legendsofrastareggaefestival.com, please do not submit any additional information.


Once, your information has been reviewed, you will receive and e-mail reply indicating requirements and how to complete the submission process


(Please No Phone Calls)


Blessings & The Best Too All

LORRF Sirron Kyles, Founder, Executive Producer

PO Box 8305 Houston, Texas 77288


If not able to send promo kits by the digital options, the selection committee requires hard copies of bio and at least one CD and picture. This is a requirement for all acts that cannot meet the digital options.  The package must be submitted by snail mail or fast snail mail only, and must be a complete promotional package that again includes picture, CD and act’s Bio. Send to: Good Karma Festival C/O


Sirron Kyles, Executive Producer

LORRF 4110 Almeda, #8305, Houston, Texas 77288