If you are a company looking to Jaming in Corpus Christi 1994

target a niche market and would like to be a part of the “HOPE” Festival, you need to head over to our sponsorship areacomplete the form and download this year’s sponsorship kit.  Someone from the “HOPE” Festival Tour will give you a call and discuss how you can been seen!

We thank you for your consideration in reference to Sponsoring ”HOPE” Festival Tour, produced by LORRF (Legends of Rasta Reggae Festival, formally the Bob Marley Festival Tour).

Sponsors have played a crucial role in the success of the Festival Tour through the years. With that support and additional aide, the event has been able to generate generous donations for the involved 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations; It’s really a Win-Win for all involved. With your help and support we hope to increase the donations in the upcoming festival by 25%. The Festival’s mission statement’s main focus is to benefit services and organizations that provide, “Food for the Hungry and Housing for the Homeless”.

Budweiser Sponsor

Budweiser Sponsor

Miller Sponsoring Grorge R Brown Plaza Park 1990

In 1991 the Festival introduced the now very popular tradition of asking the public for bags of nonperishable foods as admission or five or ten dollar donation during the first hours of the Festival, benefiting participating nonprofits. Over the last 25 years, this tradition has generated approximately $2,000,000 in cash and well over two million pounds of food, school supplies and books for nonprofit organizations throughout the US. Past Festivals and the upcoming festival’s mission statement’s main focus is to benefit services and organizations that provide, “Food for the Hungry and Housing for the Homeless”


We are sure your company can benefit from sponsoring the Festival. The media exposure, corporate image enhancement, banner signs, networking and other public relations values attributed to being involved with this popular community orientated event, not to mention a variety of other tie- marketing opportunities.

Be sure to contact us at promotions@legendsofrastareggaefestival.com, http://info@legendsofrastareggaefestival.com to request a Sponsorship Kit which highlights demographics and other important information.

Request Guidelines: We except sponsorship Kit request by E-mail only and must be sent from your company e-mail accounts, we do not except personal e-mail accounts request, example, Jay@resourseit.org-GOOD, Headwear@gmail.com-BAD, we will forward sponsorship Kit after considering and approving your request; in some cases we may require additional information please be sure to include why company is considering sponsoring the Festival in your request.

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the LORRF’s (formally the Bob Marley Festival Tour) “Good Karma “Tour and we look forward to your involvement.


Sirron Kyles
Executive Producer, LORRF
(Formally the Bob Marley Festival Tour)